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Vivekachoodamani - The Crest Jewel of Discrimination

March 20, 2013 - Logic of Spirituality - Swami Chinmayananda

Logic of Spirituality follows three simple laws.
An effect is not possible without a cause. Pot is not possible without clay.
Effects are the cause itself in different forms. Pots are clay itself in different forms.
From the effect, if the cause is removed, nothing remains. From the pot, if the clay is removed, nothing remains.
A pot went to the Himalayas for meditation. Another pot wanted to know the purpose.
The first pot explained that the only purpose of this endeavour was to realize clay. Spirituality is as simple as this.
Only the Human intellect can learn and understand. That is the difference between a human and an animal.
Human intellect always tries to finds the cause. Every human being will always investigate and try to find the cause.
Even great sages tried to find the cause for life and existence. They could not succeed. Then, out of that effort, they wrote the three simple laws which forms the basis of all spirituality today.

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Sankara Adi Sankara has written the Vivekachoodamani.
Chinmayananda has written the commentary on this work.
Acharya Vivek teaches the Vivekachoodamani at Buffalo every Wednesday.

For Who

Men and women suffering from attachment and passion
Men and women seeking Moksha


Vivekachoodamani means the crest jewel of discrimination.
Vivekachoodamani is a dialogue between teacher and student.
The master teaches the student the fourfold path to Moksha.

Viveka is discrimination between Nitya and Anitya(real and unreal)

Viveka comes through selfless service done in several births and through the Grace of the Lord.
From Viveka is born Vairagya. Vairagya gives spiritual strength.
Vairagya is the opposite of Raga (attachment). Vairagya is dispassion.

Vairagya is indifference to sensual enjoyment here and hereafter.

Mastery over mind, Control of the senses, Strict Observance of Dharma, Endurance, and complete faith in the Guru result from true Vairagya

Vairagya then causes an intense desire for liberation. Moksha is the ONLY objective of the Mumukshu.


Renunication of the world happens on that very day when perfect Vairagya is attained. That perfect Vairagya must be the outcome of pure Viveka.


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