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'Sat' means existence absolute, which is Brahman.
'Sat' is the essential nature of Brahman which is permanent in things that change, which is the only reality that upholds the world of appearance.
'Sangh' literally means company or union.
To be always in the company of the Lord, or to be established in Brahman, is the literal meaning of the word 'Satsangh.'
As long as ignorance or Avidya remains, the direct realisation of Brahman is impossible.
When ignorance is destroyed by wisdom, the real nature reveals itself. This is the highest Satsanga.
The means to the realisation of this blessed end is also called Satsangh or the company of the wise.
The wise have renounced egoism, greed, lust, etc. Company with such a wise person is very difficult and leads to the highest Satsangh.
Satsangh also involves reading scriptures
Satsangh is also about reflecting on scriptures, discussing and assimilating their meaning
Satsangh is about meditating on the source of the scriptures, and bringing their meaning into one's daily life.

The glow and power of Satsangh, association with the wise, saints, Yogis, Sannyasins and Mahatmas is indescribable. Even a moment's company is quite sufficient to overhaul the old vicious Samskaras of the worldly people. The magnetic aura, the spiritual vibration, and the powerful currents of developed adepts produce a tremendous influence on the minds of worldlings. Service of Mahatmas purifies the minds of passionate men very rapidly. Satsangh elevates the mind to magnanimous heights. Just as a single matchstick burns huge bundles of cotton in a few seconds, so also, the company of saints burns all thoughts and Samskaras of passion within a short time. The only potent specific for inducing burning Vairagya and burning desire for liberation is Satsangh and Satsangh alone.


Satsangh is held once a month at Buffalo various locations presided by Acharya Vivek
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